Medical Video & Animation

Nothing communicates your message faster than focused, inventive animation and video. Get multiple uses across training and marketing from one project. We’ve been filming for decades, so we can make it a painless experience for you.

Sample Videos

Operating Room Experience

There's a patient on the table and you've just brought a video crew into the OR. Nervous? Don’t be…for 30 years we've been developing many of the techniques other crews emulate. When a scrub nurse says you're welcome back anytime, you know you've done well! OR staffs routinely tell us we're the best they've seen. Our goal is to capture the right footage without ever impacting the procedure. Even Sony Medical uses us as consultants for their medical product line.


Sample Videos

Physician and Patient Testimonials

Nothing sells a product like the voice of experience. Our approach captures your expert’s opinion without scripting or leading.


Sample Videos

Product Demonstration

Your product is launching, but your manual is looking a little grim. Frankly, you’d probably fall asleep reading it, too. Get greater, faster retention with video. Then use it on your phone, iPad, Android device or PC. Incur shooting costs once, then use it everywhere!

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Live Surgery

Broadcast live surgery to a packed convention center, 15 conference rooms across the country or worldwide to hundreds of surgeons sitting in their homes. CLS has produced over 50 live surgical telecasts originating on 5 different continents.


Sample Animations


Sometimes video can’t capture what you need to show. That’s where animation comes in. We are pleased to partner with Jed Schwartz Productions to deliver some of the best medical animation available.

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